You can use your creativity to make bags from jute, cotton, etc to sell them online or offline. If numbers excite you then you can start an Accounting and Record-Keeping business. A finance person with experience in an accounting job can earn through this business by rendering their expert services. You need special training for this business but can start on your own with very little investment.

high margin business in india

Here is the list of the top 16 profitable businesses in India that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Ans- There are a lot of businesses that are booming in India in 2022. However, online businesses such as cloud kitchen, digital marketing services, freelance writing services are some of the top businesses that are considered best in current times. The real estate sector in India is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2030. Rapid rate of urbanisation, as well as a growing rate of nuclear families, real estate is a booming sector across India. Housing sales alone reached 2.61 lakh units across seven major cities of India in 2019.

Travel Agency Business

The profit margin in running a gift shop is thin so there is less room for errors. The gift shop contains mostly personal and corporate gift items. The advantage of this business is that you do not require any specialized knowledge.

  • Web designers can earn up to Rs 20k to Rs 50k per project, working as a small business in India.
  • Today, India is reportedly the world’s largest exporter of generic drugs.
  • According to Brand Finance, Tata Steel was the seventh most valuable Indian brand in 2013.
  • Hence, mobile phone accessories manufacturing is one of the best profitable business in India now.
  • This website is an online resource for everyone who is interested in import-export business.

The rapid growth of the internet has created new options for the digitally savvy entrepreneur. Have an innovative technology and a great market chance of your top 10 business in India. No matter how many cars President Trump sends to the White House lawn, those positions are gone. The whole field of warehousing, distribution, transportation, and supply chain is at the maximum power of digital transformation.

Organic and Healthy Food small scale business ideas

Because Population in India is tremendous and people need food. In the light of Indian rising middle class, it is clear, that there are business opportunities available. If you are able to select a right niche and focus on the right target group, you can have what is the blue ocean strategy a profitable business in India. To run a successful travel business and attract more customers use the service, we need to do an research for potential customers. Analyze and meet the needs of customers in a timely manner, bring satisfaction to customers.

  • Since most people love to have personalized interior design, this industry has a huge scope and is expected to grow incredibly soon.
  • This is just the beginning of mobile phone gaming accessories.
  • Toys have always been favorite items for kids and their sale never goes down.

Demand for both milk and milk products always remains high and the most profitable business in India; thus, we can claim the dairy sector is India’s most profitable agri-company. It would help if you had a substantial capital investment and some advice from the dairy experts to start a dairy company. But it gives great business in India if done with full passion.

Starting a Pool Cleaning Business – Profitable Business Plan Sample

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council , India ranks 10th in the world for travel & tourism. Cyber security is a very important part of every workspace, and no one can afford to overlook this. Finding talented and trustworthy people to take care of the cyber security of an organization could be a tough task. You can either start out as a freelance insurance agent or start a small-scale agency and hire freelance agents to work for you. Both these options can be highly lucrative and you can make the most of it. People are willing to get their events captured in the most unique way which has paved a way for photographers.

high margin business in india

You’ll get bumper yield by picking high-quality maize seeds, which is the most profitable business in India. The textile and apparel sector contributes 4 percent to India’s GDP and accounts for 15 percent of India’s export earnings. Moreover, due to its supply chain for garment production, India enjoys an advantage over the other manufacturing countries from the processing of natural fibers. While there are many scenarios that can help you build the best business in India in your own niche, currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the things to go haywire. Now, all the businesses that were flourishing have come to a standstill with the imposed lockdown. There are many factors that shape the business landscape in India, like government policies, international trade, cost of labor, etc.

From Bad to Ecommerce: Why Struggling Businesses Should Consider Digitizing More Of Their Operations

If you are a travel freak or loves to explore places, you will enjoy settling down with this Travel arrangement business proposal. You can earn a handsome package by exploring different places, something that you love doing. Businesses like Makemytrip are upgrading themselves, each season with new travel ideas and how making it even more engaging. These ideas are filtered based on higher profit margins that can be generated.

  • You can start as a freelancer or hire a few freelancers and start a content writing agency to offer your services.
  • You can start a taxi service, bike rental, or bus service as per your investment in the business.
  • For some working professionals who are unable to cook at home or who stay away from home in other cities, Tiffin Services becomes a convenient option.
  • Learn from a team of serial entrepreneurs, business experts, and corporate professionals who have made efforts in their journey to success.
  • In India, managers and workers have a more structured and hierarchical relationship for the best business to start in India.

Home-made fruit jams are fondly relished by people as they are free from preservatives. You can make this into a profitable business with less investment provided by various organizations. If you think you have excellent management and planning skills, you can run this business efficiently. All you have to do is look out for errand tasks such as banking, grocery shopping, paying utility bills, delivering things, etc. and earn through the services you provide.

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